ATC Technologies, Inc.
30-B Upton Drive, Wilmington, MA 01887, USA
Telephone 781-939-0725 Facsimile 781-939-0726

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Life Sciences
ATC Technologies offers a full range of products for the life sciences, including components, subassemblies and instrumentation. We design, manufacture and deliver comprehensive solutions to meet the increasingly complex demands of the life sciences industry. Our innovative, enterprising approach to product development raises the bar for excellence, setting the standard for uncompromising medical device and diagnostic solutions.

ATC's world-class OEM facilities and capabilities ensure a high degree of functionality and performance. Our ability to respond quickly and nimbly results in exacting solutions that may be readily adapted to changing industry or regulatory requirements. Unconfined by convention, we collaborate with our clients to create exceptional products that meet and often exceed their needs and expectations.

Adopting the cell manufacturing concept, ATC moves from concept to prototype to production at a rapid pace. A dedicated team oversees each project, ensuring that every detail is attended to from start to finish.